The use of disposable aprons can often be seen within hospitals, dental clinics, and veterinary clinics and all for the same reason. It's a simple and easy way to help doctors and dentists with hygiene, mainly with spillage, splashes and other fluids that can happen upon your person during a surgery, medical examination, or anything else that may otherwise cause stains on your body.  The importance of hygiene within such environment are obviously a great one, for the safety of the patient first and foremost but also the nurse, doctor or veterinary to ensure that they do not get sick nor hurt. This naturally means that the disposable aprons are made out materials that are resistant to fluids and since they are disposable, there's no need to be concerned of the mess on the aprons or that the contaminated apron needs to be handled properly. All you need is to simply throw it away after use.

The various disposable items out there

There are many types of disposable products that are available to hospitals, dental clinics, and veterinary clinics to help with hygiene in an easy, affordable manner without needing to worry about how to handle things like the disposable aprons after they've been used. Bibs, wash cloths and laminates are often used along with the aprons and are all used for essentially the same thing, which is to protect a body from fluids of different kinds and help with making sure that hygiene is kept up to an acceptable standard.​